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Ombre brows

These brows will give you a powdery effect which will mimic everyday makeup. These can be done to look soft, bold, or natural the choice is yours to make.

Cost £250 

Combination brow

These brows will have a combination of a powdery effect in the back and will have hair-like strokes in the front which will mimic the look of natural hair, and everyday makeup. The brows can be done to look soft, bold, or natural. The choice is yours to make

Cost £350 

Touch up 6 – 12 weeks post appointment.

A touch-up service for any light spots where the ink did not take well. Please note that the result of your brows is dependent on the job well done, your skin and your aftercare, not everyone will need this service so you should confirm before booking this appointment.  Brows not done by us is capped at full price.

Cost £100

Annual Colour boost

This is for follow up appointment that are more than 12 months.

Cost £175 

Brow Removal

Our semi-permanent brow removal service offers a gradual and effective solution to remove unwanted eyebrow. Achieving optimal results typically requires 2 to 4 sessions, tailored to individual needs. 

Cost £175 

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